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Jobs Available:

Trade Execution Representative

Job Title  Trade Execution Representative Dept  
Job Purpose

The Shopper Support offers guidance on coverage proposals for flawless execution at the points of sales strategies and brand activation plans in the different channels and distributors, helping the Shopper Manager to ensure good control of the budgets of the countries, ensuring the growth of the Sell Out, requires a direct approach within the 80% trade visit / 20% administrative work plan. Extensive knowledge of the geographical areas of the country at the level of trade in order to ensure Sell Out.

Shopper Support must advise on the execution of the strategy of the brands and distribution channels. This position will give feedback on the execution and return on investment of the actions implemented in the market. Key cooperation with the Execution Support Representative, Sales Manager and Shopper Marketing Manager is key to the role to ensure the execution of plans with the ultimate goal of driving penetration and increasing Sell Out results in the market. Knowledge of the TOP of each of the brands through the chain rankings to have a clear implementation guide in the 80-20.

The position requires proven follow-up and communication skills, constructively guiding support force teams (merchandisers) alongside Execution Support Representatives, and agency supervisors to ensure and support the execution of these work teams, having the coverage, steps of the visit, training, clear speech about our brands at the level of advantages and benefits, influence the culture of the teams taking them to a level of high-performance teams.

Key Responsibilities

Extensive support of the proposed execution of the country’s sell out plan.

  •   Provide sell out updates to Management, on a weekly basis.
  •   Advice on the tracking of the execution of the commercial plans by the customer.
  •  Validation and review of reports on the execution of commercial activities.
  •    Helps in the elaboration and sends documentation of the supports of the commercial activities for audits.
  •     Follow up in the execution of the Promotional activities according to the campaigns and arts approved by sales management.
  •     Helps in the distribution of materials based on the objective of the brands and distribution channels.

Advice on the execution of the plans, campaigns and commercial dynamics in the different channels with the distributors Sales Force and Merchants through:

  •    Reports of activities of the competition on a monthly basis.
  •     Reports of promotions execution in the different channels.
  •     Exhausted reports to main distributors and sales forces drawn from the support forces teams.
  •     Monthly tracking of activities by client and channel.
  •     Consolidation and review of price formats by channel, customer and country.
  •     Training of merchandiser teams and distributor sales forces of the main brands.
  •     Provide input for the elaboration of ROI of reviews of commercial activities in the different channels.
  •     Track of spaces nationwide hired and acquired by of merchandising team.
  •     Follow up on the monthly planning and coordination of third parties in commercial dynamics of clients and distribution channels.
  •     Follow up on the Sell Out of the main channels visited by our merchant teams.
  •     Compliance with the KPIs of reports requested by Sales Manager of the executions carried out by channel, client, country.

 80/20 fieldwork, with distributor´s sales force and merchandisers, with a focus on:

  •     Lead in the accompaniment with a third-party team, training and follow-up to the steps of the visit.
  •     Preparation of reports of commercial activities of the competition.
  •     Report all executions are carried out in the best possible way to comply with the KPI of the brand, channel or distributor.
  •     Accurate communication of distribution opportunities (sold out) with sales forces.
    • Track implementations (quantity and quality) in the points of sale of the country vs the competition and the region.
Education Min Bachelor/Master Study (marketing, economics, management)
Language English Level Native
Experience & Skills
  • Proven experience in marketing / resource management.
  • Cross functional experiences in association with sales and commercial excellence functions to personalize winning executions.
  • Very good communication skills
  • Goal orientation and problem-solving skills.
  • Analytical and project management skills: ability to manage multiple projects at the same time
  • Build partnerships and work collaboratively with others to meet collective goals.

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